About Me

My story is the story of a young woman that initially fought herself in order to fit in - before giving up the struggle and embracing the journey of self-discovery.

It’s the story of a woman who decided that she would remain committed to find her true purpose and to creating the life that would feel truly aligned.

I was born in France and started life as a high academic achiever. I had always liked many things and I never truly knew what to do.

My teachers suggested that I should become a business woman, because I could and because I’d most likely make a lot of money that way.

I went to Top French Universities. I knew from the start it wasn’t that, but at that time I didn’t know that another life could be created.

I thought that I should do what I was good at. I thought that life was the way it was and that I had to accept it.

So I forced myself - thinking that there was no other way. I felt terrible many days, but at least I had managed to fit in.

At least, I was like everyone.

I started my professional career as a business consultant in Paris. It felt very unaligned. I knew that I was looking for both more meaning in my career and more freedom through the days –


I wanted to own my time and spend my energy where and how I wanted to.

More than anything else I wanted to help, but in my own way - to make sure it would be pure, ethical and controlled.


I wanted to show that another way was possible for the ones like us.

Some days, I just couldn’t stand it – my job. I was torn between finding the strength to stay and finding the strength to see what else could be, and leave.

Eventually I quit the business field in 2014. I went on the other side of the world – Cambodia - both to contribute in something for the greater good and to explore myself through new experiences.

I wasn’t truly aware of this at that time but I wanted to break free and to shed old skins so that the new could enter my path.


I needed to step away from my comfort zone. I wanted growth.

I didn’t know what I would do exactly do after Cambodia as a job. I just knew that this was the beginning of a new chapter.

That’s when I started to travel alone and this became a big part of my path. I didn’t want to take pictures or visit museums. I barely visited any. I wanted to understand more of who I was by confronting myself to other ways of being in the world, other people and cultures and through the introspection that such aloneness allows.

I went to India, Morocco, parts of Europe, South East Asia again, the US, Indonesia and Israel with a backpack and my dad’s straw hat. Sometimes I would just stay within in those countries where I had absolutely no landmarks, where I could forget about everything I had learned or that I thought I should be.

Sometimes I would meet new people. Some ignited something within, some reminded me of pieces of myself.

Some of those trips were planned and some weren’t at all. I knew that all this was about exploring myself, and where we would go afterwards or when didn’t actually matter.

What mattered was the travels, the journey itself and not the destination.

During this journey my relationships and friendships also transformed. I got divorced and opened my heart to other people, new friends -

that felt more aligned with the person that I was giving birth to.

As I was walking that path I felt the surge to write many times in order to understand what was going on within and take it out of my body.

One day in 2015 I finally decided to submit something to Rebelle Society. It was accepted and for me, that was the beginning of a new era.

First, what I had always tried to hide – this rebel and free spirit, this willingness to taste life to its last drop and find the “truth” – could be said and shared in the world.

I didn’t have to hide anymore and that was a huge breakthrough.

Also, and strangely, I understood soon that we were many people “like us” – and that my writings were helping them too.  

That was maybe the greatest gift I ever received. Speaking of my own “weirdness” and feelings was helping others.

I thought maybe who knows? This could be my Purpose.

As I was traveling closer and closer to myself, other people left my path, naturally. In fact sometimes some of our people can’t understand why we want more, why we want that much to help, to find meaning or to create a different life - why we seek freedom that much, why we are so restless.

Of course I had doubts. I will always have. I thought of coming back to my old jobs and life many times, but I couldn’t.

Because the more I was moving forward on the way, the more I saw that yes – the life that we long for is actually possible.

We have been told that it isn’t, but this isn’t the truth.

I do believe that we all have the ability to create in time a life that feels aligned.

I do believe that we can stand out – and still be safe.

I do believe that the journeys of a thousand miles begin with one step.

I do believe in the strength that develops in individuals when they find their truth.

I do believe that happiness and “success” can emerge from the journey of self-discovery.

I hope that together we will find the strength to move mountains and seas.

I hope that you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you, and as much as I believe in the power of the human’s heart.


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